SPSS Project Design and Outcomes

This is my draft outline so far.

Introduction to SPSS


This is a statistics module which aims to teach first year students how to analyse statistics using SPSS software. This is the introductory session on the basics of what data is and how to input it into SPSS and run descriptive statistics. This will be introduced on the final week of the autumn term. The students will be expected to complete the activities during weeks 20 and 21, just before the new term starts so that they are ready to start the statistics part of the module.

 Learning outcome(s)

Input data into SPSS

Amend appropriate parameters for measure and value.

Run basic descriptive statistics.

Interpret basic statistics output.

*Not part of the Design Project but will be the real follow up lecture and tutorial. May be used in the action research module for evaluation purposes.

 Topic / Activity Tutor’s role Student’s role Resource
Preparation Set up PadletCreate data sets

Create screencasts

None SPSSPadlet



Watch screencasts Monitor access logs Watch and take notes Screencast in Unilearn
Analyse data in SPSS Nothing Input data and run descriptives SPSS
Padlet Contribution Monitor Padlet wall Comment on one positive and one negative aspect about the task in the group wiki Padlet
FAQ Collation Collate themes from Padlet and form a central FAQ section Nothing Padlet
*Introduction to SPSS and Data Analysis Present information about data analysis and descriptive statistics in a traditional lecture. Note taking and listening PadletSPSS


*Introduction to SPSS tutorial Provide feedback from PadletAssist in input and interpretation of data set 2

Answer any questions

Discuss taskInput and interpret data set 2

Ask any further questions