Digital badges

As a result of attending the HEA Employability and Enterprise event (which was excellent) I have been introduced to the concept of digital badges. This is a way of gaining recognition for skills and elements of learning that are not formally assessed through exams or assignments. I can see many opportunities to incorporate these into my teaching, but for now I am going to focus on my employability modules.

As you may have read in previous posts, I have ongoing concerns with the development of this module, one of which is assessment. The module is pass/fail but does not affect progression to the next year. There are only 12 hours of face to face teaching involved and I am using an eportfolio system.

The skills being developed are creativity, innovation, leadership amongst others. The case study activities in class seem to be working, but how do the students show this to others? This is where I believe the digital badges will come in handy. If students can post these badges on their LinkedIn profile and other social media, it makes the skills visible.

A massive thank you to Paul Shelton from The University of Teeside for showing this technology to me and explaining the use and benefits.


3 thoughts on “Digital badges

  1. I like badges … and have a few linked to my profile on various websites. They take a little bit of work to implement, but not a huge amount, and I should use them in my teaching more regularly.

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  2. Yes, sometimes, for example as I teach using Moodle I can link them directly to my Moodle profile, so if the badge looks nice, or reads well, or is impressive, I will try to collect it.


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