Project going well

I am at the last Saturday school for the elearning MSC module and I am now feeling better. I thought I was a little bit behind on my design project, but having spoke to others in the class I am actually farther ahead than they are. This has been reassuring and has been a definite benefit of attending the day school.
It is easy to potter along on your own when you are doing a part time course. Although we are discouraged from comparing ourself to others, it is useful to discuss progression as it can alleviate concerns or spur on members of the course.


2 thoughts on “Project going well

  1. It is fantastic when you can share with others, that’s why we have this blogging, however especially in my other module noone shares or supports apart from one classmate , thankfully or I would have felt completely at a loss and quite depressed. It gives one hope in life..haha…don’t think you have anything to worry about Caroline…

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