Maths and computing

I have been reading journals in preparation for one of my essays on the future of VLEs. Interestingly, I am finding more research than I expected on the relationship between maths and computing in the context of developing deep learning. I guess it is something that I was aware about, but I had not really put too much thought into it. The latest papers I have read explains how being able to talk to others about maths problems (as in questions set) is beneficial as it not only encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration, it also can promote engagement. This was part of the theory behind the Maths Bridging Course I am involved in, but I had not thought of it as an ongoing option, just a pre-entry one.

I am pleased about these findings as I am a believer in maths discussion as a way to develop maths understanding and engagement, I think this will also help me in my design project rationale which is based around using the VLE to use a flipped classroom type of approach to statistics.


2 thoughts on “Maths and computing

  1. I also had to embed maths into my E 1 and level 1 classes, they were in shock when they had to do it however realized that it was really not difficult more about the wording and a lot of fun, had a student say to me she couldnt believe how she had enjoyed the class, well you can imagine I was chuffed and it happened during an observation so couldnt of planned that!! The level one class got them into budgeting and gave them some formulas for working out monthly amount to six monthly or vica versa, there is a great website for step by step exercises and fit in extremely well with the maths, i found that you can work from. If you would like I could dig it up and email the link.

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