Reflections on blogging

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I was initially resistant to blogging but I am now changing my mind (as you can tell by the volume of blogs so far). This now seems quite absurd as I expect my students to use it for reflection.  I think perhaps I saw it as an undergraduate skill to learn about reflection and technology but I had not really bought in to the value it brings to learning and personal development.

Having the ability to blog from my phone wherever I am motivates me more to blog. I find I am sharing my thoughts related to studying for three main reasons:
1. To show my tutor what I am experiencing
2. To share practice with my peers
3. To keep a track on what and why and to explore my revelations.

I am engaging more with the reflective side of this than I expected. I have never been brilliant at reflection for an audience yet I have kept diaries and wrote poetry most of my life to process life experiences. Blogging is a useful way of doing this.

I dreamt of publishing books throughout my life so I could share my knowledge and experiences with others who would benefit or seek solace but never went through with it. I suppose blogging is a way of doing this. I know that I benefit from reading other blogs and identifying with their experiences. I find myself nodding or thinking “me too”.

The danger is that I could become a boring serial blogger who likes to see their own words in print rather than only posting informative content. Hopefully that will not happen.

At least now I can share my blogging experiences with my students and show them the value and importance it has, which hopefully will help them to develop them higher level critical thinking skills as I am doing.


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