Word Count

I have been working on the mini projects this weekend and have come across my first big challenge: the word count. Recently I have been writing conference papers and journal article submissions (not even mentioning the PhD write up) and have got used to having a few thousand words to play with. Trying to condense an evaluation into 500 words is hard! I am not used to writing being this difficult.  When I wrote my original plans I allocated provisional word counts that seemed realistic, but trying to condense my writing into those meager word counts proved challenging.

Sitting back and looking at the notes I have written made me realise I was being slightly too descriptive and was getting a little too deep into the subject. I need to keep in mind that these are mini projects and I am just trying to show a critical understanding of them and not an in depth analysis and critique. I have gone through my notes again and picked out the most important and relevant points to include and this has made the writing easier.


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