Planning the mini projects

I have spent the past couple of days marking diagnostic maths tests and I am now back in the zone for the mini projects. I have had a productive evening planning 3 projects. I took my own advice which I usually give to my students. I broke the projects down into the key elements that need to be discussed and allocated provisional word counts. I did the background reading and watched the videos and I also found a great website thanks to a friend who saw my blog. It is a free online course at the university of illinois on digital ecologies. One of the lecturers was part of the New Literacy Studies project which I studied  a few years ago on my BA. I liked the way he was brutally honest and logical. He made some good points which Liz had made about using techology to meet the learning rather than designing learning based on technology. I think this is something that had been happening in my department  or at least is the fear of some lecturers. We are increasingly being told to use technology but most of the time we are just reproducing things in electronic format rather than designing learning activities using technology. In other cases we are using tech such as portfolios as a repository because they are ‘trendy’ rather than really looking at how they can be used effectively. I think this will form a good basis for one of the mini projects.

In two weeks I am going on a grademark training course to improve how I use it. I think this will also help with the mini project on assessment as I can get first hand experience to reflect on.


2 thoughts on “Planning the mini projects

  1. It’s the old situation of ‘I’ve been given a set of class IPADs now what do I do with them?’ rather than ‘I want to achieve this learning outcome, doing this activity and IPADs have an app that will allow learners to do the activity’.

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